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Although Andy Mathews had heard the words “Formula One” many times, he had no idea what they meant until he was 30 years old! A native Philadelphian, Andy grew up with a curiosity for understanding the logic of how things worked. His path into F1 and modeling began in 1990 with a visit to the CART Long Beach Grand Prix while on business working in the protective clothing and footwear industry. A chance meeting with an avid Ferrari collector bore both an idea and a business. Before devoting himself full-time to modeling, he was working closely with Lockheed, developing a launch boot for the Space Shuttle astronauts after the Challenger tragedy. 

Andy began producing F1 models to a level of detail never seen before, leading him to become one of the most respected model makers in the world. His works are unique and in the hands of only a few select clients, mostly European, who routinely wait three years for each completed piece. He is renowned for his relentless research and impeccable detail and authenticity, executed with surgical cleanliness and precision. These qualities form the basis for his new series of ClearView-F1 books. He plans to treat his new publishing venture with the same level of passion as his model work.

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