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The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

-Albert Einstein

With top Formula 1 teams routinely eclipsing the half-billion dollar mark in an effort to maintain their elite status, it's easy to understand why they go to such extraordinary measures to protect the confidentiality of their not-so-small investments. For this reason, any details clear of a paint scheme in today's Formula 1 world have become completely covert to outside eyes.

Andy Mathews is one of the very few to be given access to these best-kept secrets. Over the past 15 years, he has cultivated professional and personal relationships with Formula 1 teams, museums and private car collectors who have allowed him the rare honor of documenting some of the most beautiful and historically significant Formula 1 chassis ever produced and raced.

ClearView-F1 is the culmination of Andy's exhaustive research into Formula 1. His commitment to collecting and harvesting information insures that his own model work will continue to improve and remain the very best there is. Never willing to settle for guesswork, his journey will continue.

ClearView-F1 is a new and exciting concept in publishing for the Formula 1 enthusiast and Formula 1 model maker. Working together with statistician Sean Kelly, Andy Mathews has created what is certain to become the definitive series celebrating the Formula 1 car itself.

First and foremost, each volume will profile in great photographic and biographic detail the cars themselves. To broaden your understanding, interest and appreciation from an historical perspective, you will also learn about the key people behind the scenes who were responsible for the design, performance, success and failure of these unique, multi-million dollar machines during their development and competitive years.

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