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The Evolution & Development Of The Ferrari Grand Prix Car 1989-1991

Series Title: ClearView F-1

Book Title: Ferrari 641/2
The Evolution & Development Of The Ferrari Grand Prix Car 1989-1991

By: Andy Mathews & Sean Kelly

ISBN 0-9754127-1-X

Hard Bound with dust jacket

9.25" x 12.25" (23.5cm x 31cm)
Approximately 1.4kg.

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1990 was a case of oh-so-near for Ferrari. The team’s new signing of 3-time World Champion Alain Prost nearly delivered the World Championship during his first season at Maranello. Driving the innovative 641 and 641/2 chassis, Prost took victories in Brazil, Mexico, France, Britain and Spain, with teammate Nigel Mansell (the last driver signed by Enzo Ferrari himself) delivering a win in Estoril.
Ferrari’s car was unique in 1990 as it was the only car on the grid to feature a semi-automatic gearbox. Introduced on John Barnard’s 1989 640 chassis, it revolutionized F1 design, and it wasn’t long before every car on the grid had followed Ferrari’s lead. It was also the only competitive car to be running a V12 engine. ClearView-F1 “Ferrari 641/2” will chart how the engine compared to the V10s and V8s of the era, the reliability of the gearbox (which proved problematic even in its second year), and analyzing the unusual aerodynamics of the car, starting with the absence of a full-size airbox on the 640, Ferrari’s use of long swooping sidepods, and the wholesale changes made in 1991 when the team ultimately introduced their 643.
Release date is planned for first-quarter of 2006.Be sure to place an advance order today, as we expect this title to sell out very quickly.

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