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Andy Mathews is best known for his large 1/12th scale Formula 1 models. But, these are not just models. Andy’s unparalleled craftsmanship and faithful attention to detail are what set him firmly at the forefront of model making.
Extraordinary planning and research begins with visiting the real car to be replicated, usually requiring multiple trips across the Atlantic since Andy resides in the U.S.A and his subject matter is normally somewhere in Europe. Merely photographing and measuring the car however, is only the beginning. Andy routinely finds the very people who worked on the cars during their campaign years. He actually found the painter for the 1971 Tyrrell he’ll be introducing in the near future. Why? “Excellence is in the details. Color images from that era reproduce inaccurately in books and, restored cars, while beautiful and faithful in almost every respect can’t guarantee authenticity.”
Mathews’ finished pieces routinely incorporate several thousand largely handmade, authentically finished, microscopic metal parts. Viewing his meticulous fit, finish and detail under magnification are what truly separate Mathews’ work from all others. To the natural eye, they are simply beautiful art.
If you are interested in one of Andy’s finished pieces, please contact us.

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